Swiss Bishop Condemns the Synod on Synodality as a ‘Marketing Campaign’ for Heresy

The Church has not been on the wrong track for 2000 years to be enlightened and corrected in our days by a synodal process in the 21st century. For that, we need neither a third Vatican Council nor a slimmed-down substitute event called the “Synod on Synodality.”

I thought, as the title says, that the topic to be discussed would be “synodality” as a supposed new modus operandi of the Church. But no: instead, it is again about the same synodal leftovers warmed up for the umpteenth time since the ‘70s: democracy, participation, involvement in power, women in all offices and the diaconate of women or priesthood of women; revision of sexual morality regarding extramarital sex, remarriage, and homosexuality: doing away with priest-centeredness in liturgy, etc. We all know this.

The repeated proposals are poured over and over into new bottles on which the labels “Listening,” “Inclusivity,” “Welcoming,” “Diversity,” [and] “Equality” are now pasted into a kind of marketing campaign that sells yesterday’s produce as fresh and sells it politely to the man or woman. They are all nice-sounding, emotionally positive terms, but they are empty phrases in relation to the truth or correctness of a position that is at stake. When it comes to theft and speeding, we are exclusive. Apparently, it is only in doctrine that we must not be.

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