The Vatican’s New Synod Document Radically Overturns Christian Teaching

“The ‘Working Document for the Continental Stage’ of the Synodal Way must be exposed as the Trojan horse of heresy that is.”

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down,” claimed Nietzsche.

The culture wars are no friend of Catholic values. They have inherited from Nietzsche his preoccupation with “power” as the main driving force and “top value”. They are determined to achieve a change in our values and influence.

The way they have set about doing it is to play tricks with words. The trick is very simple. It sets out to use a word that looks very attractive at first sight but contains a hidden twist, so that it ends up meaning something different, perhaps even the opposite.

“Diversity”, “inclusion” and “equality” are just such words, but “inclusion” is the one that presents itself for decoding today, because it has been taken up by the authors of a document that is intended to inform the Synodal way, called “the Working Document for the Continental Stage”. (DCS)

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