WATCH: Bishop Condemns Priest for Calling Abortion, Homosexuality Sinful

A Catholic bishop in Ireland has apologized for a priest’s public condemnation of contraception, abortion, homosexuality, and the “lunatic approach of transgenderism,” saying that the priest’s words “do not represent the Christian position.”

Father Sean Sheehy delivered a sermon over the past weekend while filling in for the parish priest of St. Mary’s Church in Listowel Parish, in the Diocese of Kerry.

In his comments, which have since spread widely on social media, the priest spoke out boldly on issues such as contraception, abortion, and the promotion of sodomy and same-sex activity.

“What is so sad today is that you rarely hear about sin, but it’s rampant,” stated Sheehy. “It’s rampant.”

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Brown and let him know what you think about condemning Father Sheehy for courageously proclaiming the teachings of the Catholic Church.