The Vatican’s 3rd Deal with the Devil

No one rains on Chairman’s Xi Jinping’s reign. On October 22, 2022, at the CCP 20th Party Congress, Chinese President Xi Jinping was elected to another term, adding another five years to his previously served 10 year presidency.  Xi will remain in the politically powerful position as General Secretary of the CCP. His stated goal of Emperor for Life is now firmly established, unimpeded by a certain human rights trial in Hong Kong.

Surely, the looming show trial of the revered and respected 90 year old Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen might tamper enthusiasm for the upcoming Xi Jinping historic re-election at the CCP’s 20th National Party Congress. As the master strategist, Xi insured that no negative publicity surrounding the show trial of the Cardinal Zen, would complicate his historic re-election.

So suddenly, on September 28, after two days into the five day trial, Magistrate Ada Yim suddenly adjourned the Zen Hong Kong trial, postponing it until October 26. The Zen criminal trial will conveniently resume 4 days after President Xi’s historic election at the CCP 20th National Party Congress.

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