WSJ: Pope Francis Has Undermined His Moral Authority by Pandering to China

The editors of the Wall Street Journal have published a searing indictment of Pope Francis, insisting he has undermined the Church’s moral authority by pandering to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The case in point is the Vatican’s renewal Saturday of its secret agreement with the CCP on the appointment of bishops in the country, which since its inception in 2018 has resulted in the ordination of just 6 bishops, despite some 36 vacant episcopal sees.

The chief fruit of the accord has instead been “to mute Vatican criticism of human-rights abuses,” the editors state in Monday’s op-ed, “from the genocide of the Muslim Uyghurs to the political prosecution of Cardinal Joseph Zen in Hong Kong.”

Pope Francis, “who is so critical of the U.S. and capitalism, is silent on China,” the essay asserts. “This is a return to the Vatican’s failed Ostpolitik of the 1960s and 1970s, when Rome muted criticism of the Soviet Union and its East European satellites.”

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