A Thoroughly Modern Synod

Pope Francis just announced that the multi-year Synod on Synodality will be extended another year. Apparently, the synodalists need more time to complete what Cardinal Gerhard Muller describes as a “hostile takeover of the Church.”  As the Synod drags on, it threatens to drag many in the Church into apostasy.

One particular worry of synod critics is that its organizers are reviving the Modernist conception of the “development of doctrine” and are using it as a tool to undermine Church teaching.

Modernism became popular with the Catholic intelligentsia of Europe at the end of the nineteenth century and into the early twentieth century.  In a recent Crisis article, Julia Meloni explains: “Modernists wanted to ‘update’ the Church according to the spirit of the age.  Positing that truth is dynamic and not static, Modernists tried to find novel facets of it—and thus reverse Church positions.”

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