WATCH: Bishop Athanasius Schneider BLASTS the Synod on Synodality

Bishop Athanasius Schneider is interviewed by Raymond Arroyo on the World Over about the Synod on Synodality, the attack on the Traditional Latin Mass and his latest book, “The Catholic Mass.”

Arroyo begins by asking Bishop Schneider what he makes of Pope Francis’ decision to extend the Synod on Synodality an additional year, calling it a “constitutive dimension of the Church?” Bishop Schneider responds:

The constitutive element of the Church is first given by God, and this is the faithful, unchanging transmission of the Deposit of Faith, of the Catholic Truth, to all generations.

The Synod, as always understood by the Church, is a means to guarantee the faithful transmission of Faith. The Synod was also always a means to condemn heresies and to defend the flock of the faithful from the poison of ambiguity of heresies and of scandals. This was the aim of a Synod, as always understood by the Church.

Now, what we currently are witnessing, this so-called Synodality, is a misuse of the concept of the word of Synod and, in my opinion, even an abuse of this word to arrive an agenda to undermine, to make more ambiguous, the Catholic faith, and to adapt it to the wishes and the fashions of our day. This is evidently, ever more, now known, as the final goal of this process of Synodality.