WATCH: Heroic Bishop Speaks Out Against Vatican’s Approach to CCP

Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Astana, Kazakhstan, appeared on Tuesday on Steve Bannon’s War Room, where he criticized the Vatican’s Ostpolitik approach to the Chinese Communist Party regime. He contrasted Pope Francis’ weakness and servile attitude toward China today with previous popes who defied Roman emperors and with churchmen who courageously stood up to communist regimes throughout the Cold War and after.

Schneider criticized the Vatican’s secret deal with China whereby the CCP plays a key role in selecting bishops in China. He also expressed sadness that Francis has effectively abandoned the 90-year-old Cardinal Joseph Zen, an outspoken critic of the CCP, who is being prosecuted by Chinese authorities for supporting the freedom movement in Hong Kong.

The Central Asian bishop is one of the leaders of the Catholic Church’s traditionalist movement that supports the Latin Mass and questions the wisdom of Vatican participation in interfaith meetings.

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