Are New Zealand Bishops Putting “Pastoral Care” of LGBTQIA+ Persons Ahead of Church Doctrine?

Dissident “Catholic” group New Ways Ministry is trumpeting new pastoral guidelines issued by the Bishops of New Zealand concerning gender and sexuality.

Primarily targeting Catholic educators, “Aroha and Diversity in Catholic Schools” the guidelines appear to place pastoral care of LGBTQIA+ persons ahead of Church doctrine.

In paragraph 18 of the document, Bishop Vincent Long van Nguyen is quoted as saying:

“It won’t wash with young people especially when we purport to treat gay people with love and compassion and yet define their sexuality as ‘intrinsically disordered’. This is particularly true when the Church has not been a shining beacon and a trail-blazer in the fight against inequality and intolerance.”

Robert Shine of New Ways Ministry stated, “The document clearly shows the bishops’ core concern is young people’s safety and well-being, not with defending church teaching.”

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