WATCH: Wilton Gregory Orders Priests To Give Joe Biden Holy Communion

Church Militant has learned of a very troubling controversy emanating from the archdiocese of Washington and Cdl. Wilton Gregory. It involves a question of obedience versus sacrilege.

If you are a seminarian anywhere in the United States, you need to think deeply about this question, because the way things are going in the Church, you may be faced with this situation.

Here is the information privately revealed to Church Militant. In some unofficial-yet-clearly-understood message from Cdl. Gregory, his priests were instructed not to deny Holy Communion to President Biden. When Biden attends Mass locally in Washington, D.C., the apparent protocol is for the Secret Service and White House staff to contact a local parish and give them a heads-up that POTUS will be there for Mass.

However, Church Militant has learned that some priests will not go along with this. They have said that if they get an advance call from the White House or Secret Service, they will notify the archdiocese they refuse to distribute sacrilegious Holy Communion. If the cardinal wants this to happen, he must send a priest who will go along with it, because they refuse.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Wilton Gregory at 301.853.4500 or to let him know what you think about his directive to the priests in his archdiocese.