Another ‘Catholic’ University Goes Woke

A prominent Catholic university is facing backlash after releasing a new guide for faculty on “gender inclusion.”

Villanova University, located in Pennsylvania and run by the Augustinian order, issued a document outlining procedures for making the university “more inclusive” for “transgender, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming and/or gender-questioning communities.”

The guide advises faculty and staff to avoid “gender-binary language” like “ladies and gentlemen” and instead use gender-neutral words like “everyone,” “people” or “folks” instead. It also instructs staff to avoid misgendering others, to correct others if they misgender someone in their presence and to use preferred pronouns even when the individual being discussed is not present.

Professors are directed to add a gender-inclusion statement to their syllabus and to practice using various pronouns, while students are encouraged to customize their gender and pronouns in the student portal.

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TAKE ACTION: Send a message to Archbishop Nelson Perez and Villanova’s President Reverend Peter Donohue letting them know what you think about the school’s decision.