Cdl. Burke: Faithful Catholics Must Remain In The Church, Hold Bishops Accountable

In an interview with German Catholic news outlet Die Tagespost, Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke encouraged faithful Catholics to remain in the Church in fidelity to Christ, and to work from within the Church for a much-needed ecclesiastical reform, even should it require openly correcting bishops when they betray the faith.

“Catholics must bear witness to the truth of the faith,” Burke said. Addressing the distress of orthodox Catholics at the agenda of pro-synodal bishops, such as those of Germany and Ireland, who are aggressively pushing for “another church and another faith,” Burke tried to bolster the laity in their witness to Christ, saying, “In the tradition of the Church, a synod is a way to find out how to defend and promote the Catholic faith, not to create another Church and another faith. I think these good Catholics, as painful as it is, must remain in their communities and fight for the truth of the faith.”

“If everyone leaves,” he continued, “the Church would otherwise fall into the hands of those who destroy the Catholic faith and its practice. It is important that the faithful do not leave the Church, because Christ promised us to always remain with us in the Church. We thus remain with Christ, even if we have to speak very openly with our own bishops when they propose something that does not correspond to the Catholic faith. We must return to the sacred tradition.”

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