Fr. James Martin Forced To Apologize, Delete Tweet After Praising Perverted Bishop

Liberal Jesuit Catholic priest Fr. James Martin, whose teachings regularly undermine church doctrine on homosexual acts and transgenderism, has apologized and deleted his tweet eulogizing a former archbishop who protected sexually abusive priests.

“Dear friends: I’ve deleted my original tweets about the death of Archbishop Weakland, which did not address his cover up of abuse cases, which I condemn. I also apologize for asking for people to consider whether their friends had ever sinned, which seemed like equating covering up the crimes of sex abuse with everyday sinfulness. So I apologize, condemn his actions and have deleted those tweets,” tweeted Martin on Wednesday. “And may he rest in peace,” Martin added.

On Monday, former Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland died at the age of 95, a cleric whose legacy became mired in scandal after he retired in disgrace in 2002 upon revelations that he paid $450,000 in diocesan hush money to a former male lover of his who had threatened to go public with their affair. Weakland’s legacy was further tarnished in 2009 when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that he had shredded copies of reports profiling abusive priests as he shuffled them around his diocese without warning parishioners.

“Former Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland routinely shredded copies of weekly reports about sexual abuse by priests, according to formerly sealed testimony turned over to Milwaukee County’s district attorney on Thursday,” the outlet reported.

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