Calling All Truly Good Catholics

President Biden continues to aggressively promote abortion and look for ways to use taxpayer money to fund it. All the while, he claims to be a “good” Catholic. Well, his actions are those of a condemned Catholic.

Perhaps the bigger scandal than the pending eternal punishment of Mr. Biden’s soul, however, are the actions of Pope Francis and Cardinal Wilton Gregory of Washington. Let us not forget that Francis and Gregory are both proteges of Theodore McCarrick, perhaps the most notorious of modern fallen U.S. clerics. I am quite sure their endorsements of Biden as a “good” Catholic have led to Biden’s increasing aggression in his sinful promotion of the killing of our most innocent and defenseless human beings.

It is time for actual good Catholics to shut off the corrupt flow of money to the Archdiocese of Washington and the Vatican until such time as these men have been replaced by truly decent Catholic bishops. Donate to your local church at the minimum level to maintain operations and parish salaries. Stop contributions to the Washington Archdiocese annual appeal and the Peter’s Pence (Vatican) annual appeal, and give directly to charitable organizations endorsed by the church or to your own favorite local and international charities. It is time for the good Catholics to remove the failed and seriously flawed church leaders.

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