Evil Cupich Planning to Cancel Christ the King

UPDATE: Cardinal Cupich’s decision to cancel the CKSP in Chicago was scheduled to be announced on Sunday, July 17. The announcement did not happen which has lead people to speculate whether Cupich will actually proceed. Follow us for the latest update.

Cupich of Chicago has told the members of the Institute of Christ the King in Chicago, that he is effectively shutting them down as of 1 August.   This will be formally announced on Sunday at the Institute’s church on the South Side of Chicago.

No Masses.  Nothing.  31 July is their last day to function.

I’m sorry that the Institute itself was not able to break the news.

This is very bad for everyone, as it is another move to slam shut the gates of grace, to make the Church smaller, stingier, narrower.   If a place is doing well, then – by gum – crush it.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Blase Cupich at 312.751.8200 or bcupich@archchicago.org and let him know what you think.