New Phoenix Bishop Celebrated LGBT Mass Featuring Homosexual Drag Queen Activist

Pope Francis is shaking up the Church in the U.S., and nowhere is that more evident than Phoenix, where he recently appointed a new bishop with disturbing ties to homosexual activists, including a prominent drag queen.

Earlier this month, just days after naming ultra-liberal San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy a cardinal, Francis announced the promotion of McElroy’s auxiliary bishop, John Dolan, to the Diocese of Phoenix.

Dolan, whose installation is scheduled for August, will replace retiring Bishop Thomas Olmsted, a noted conservative who has led the Church in Phoenix for almost 20 years.

Liberal commenters cheered Dolan’s appointment, rightly describing it as a “seismic shift in leadership” and a “significant ideological shift.” Indeed, in stark contrast to Bishop Olmsted, Dolan has a scandalous pro-homosexual background, one nearly as troubling as McElroy’s.

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