Polish Priest Faces Potential Prison Time For Exposing Homosexual Predation In The Church

A petition has been launched protesting the sentencing of Fr. Dariusz Oko for his work exposing sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

On Friday, Fr. Oko, a Polish professor, and 90-year-old German professor Fr. Johannes Stöhr will go to trial in Cologne for their work exposing homosexual abuse in the Catholic Church. A petition has been launched to revoke the sentence. (For the English translation, please see the top right hand corner of the page.)

In 2021, the Cologne District Court claimed that Fr. Oko’s article titled “On the need to curb homosexual cliques in the Church” constituted “incitement to hatred” against homosexuals.

According to Polish magazine Wprost, the court demanded that Fr. Oko pay a fine of 4,800 euros or serve 120 days in jail. Fr. Johannes Stöhr, the editor-in-chief of Theologisches, reportedly was charged as well.

An expert on gays in the priesthood, Fr. Oko is a Polish priest and professor of theology at the John Paul II Pontifical University in Krakow. He wrote a work “about the need to limit homosexual cliques in the Church.”

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