Kansas’ Bishop Brungardt Remains Under Abuse Investigation

The bishop of Dodge City, Kansas, remains under criminal and canonical investigation, nearly a year after state authorities began looking into an allegation that the bishop sexually abused a minor. The bishop, who denies the allegation, stepped down from ministry when the allegation was announced.

Ecclesiastical authorities charged with conducting a Vatican-directed investigation say the Church’s process is moving forward in conformity with canon law.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation said Feb. 8, 2021 that the agency was investigating an allegation of abuse made against Bishop John Brungardt, who has been Bishop of Dodge City since 2010, and was before that a priest of the Diocese of Wichita. The agency did not indicate when Brungardt was alleged to have abused a minor.

A Feb. 8 statement from the Dodge City diocese said that Brungardt “denies the allegation and is fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation.”

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