Pope Francis Promotes Communion with the Damned

Francis says those who have ‘denied the faith’ are ‘at home’ in ‘the communion of saints.’  Francis’ comments about the communion of saints being made up of those who have publicly denied the faith contradict the teaching of the Church. St. Augustine warned that: Baptism, which is a blessing for believers, becomes a curse for heretics.  As an amputated member, a heretic does not possess the life of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit works in the Church what the soul works in all the members of one body. […] It could happen that in a human body, or better, of a human body, a member has to be amputated: a hand, finger or foot. Does the soul by any chance go after the separated member? While it was attached the body, it lived; once amputated, it loses life. In the same way, someone is a Christian Catholic when he lives in the body; separated from it, he becomes a heretic, and the Spirit does not follow the amputated member. Therefore, if you wish to have life in the Holy Spirit, conserve charity, love truth, desire unity and you will reach eternity. (Saint Augustine. Sermon 267, 4)

Wherefore neither do the heretics belong to the Church catholic, which loves God[…] (Augustine of Hippo. Of Faith and the Creed, X)

Accordingly, they who are not Christ’s members do not dwell in Him. And they who make themselves members of a harlot, are not members of Christ unless they have penitently abandoned that evil, and have returned to this good to be reconciled to it. (Saint Augustine of Hippo. City of God, Book XXI, Ch. 25)

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