The Catholic Cartel

The Catholic Church is facilitating illegal immigration on both sides of the US-Mexico border using our hard-earned tax dollars. The Church has received over $2 billion dollars in federal grants since 2012, a large portion of which has gone to fund the resettlement of illegal aliens in our nation.

In doing so, the Church has become an accomplice to criminal cartels involved in human trafficking, drug smuggling and terrorist activities. Organizations like Catholic Charities have effectively become complicit in the crimes of the cartels.

Its time for faithful Catholics and other patriots of good will to put a stop to this practice. Here are some steps you can take to make a difference.


  1. Contact your state lawmakers and ask them to support legislation that would criminalize the trafficking of illegal aliens in your state.
  2. Send the video to your bishop and ask him help put a stop to the Church’s involvement in the trafficking of illegal aliens.
  3. If you are a whistleblower that would like to expose what is happening in the Catholic Church, please contact us.
  4. If you are a state lawmaker that would like to be part of a coalition of lawmakers focused on developing state legislation, please let us know.
  5. Please help spread the word by sharing this video on social media using one of the social media buttons below.