WATCH: Is Cardinal Cupich Catholic?

Cupich has become what many Catholics see as “the American pope.” There is no doubt he is a personal favorite of Pope Francis, who became familiar with Cupich through Cdl. Maradiaga. Maradiaga met Cupich at a function in D.C. a number of years back and personally recommended him to the pope.

The entire process for selecting a new bishop was totally sidestepped by Francis, who simply plucked him out of Spokane and made him Chicago’s new archbishop in 2014. Church Militant’s William Mahoney has more on the power and influence of Cupich and why his star may be fading as he approaches the mandatory retirement age of 75.

On Sunday, a layman in beach attire gave the homily at Holy Family in Inverness, Illinois, in the Chicago archdiocese. This clear violation of liturgical norms is perfectly acceptable to the Windy City’s cardinal, Blase Cupich.

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