Pro-Vax Catholic Media Funded by Soros and Gates

The consortium of Catholic media,, led by Aleteia and linked to the Holy See, is a project to silence non-aligned Catholic journalists. It is financed by large international anti-life and anti-family lobbies, in cahoots with the big pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines. This explains a lot….

A well-documented investigation by the American website Church Militant reveals how Google, Soros, and Bill Gates finance the Catholic pro-vax media to oppose those in the Church who are not aligned with the pro-vax message. And it turns out that leading the consortium of Catholic media that call themselves fact-checkers (i.e. who check the veracity of the news, in this case on anti-Covid vaccines) is the website Aleteia, published in seven languages, which enjoys a close collaboration with the Vatican Department of Communication as well as the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization.

The consortium, which includes some thirty publications, has been active for a few months and is looking for new recruits through its website (which is termed “International Catholic Media Consortium on Covid-19 vaccines”). And the consortium is one of the eleven projects (out of 309 competitors from 74 countries) to have shared the 3 million dollars made available by the Google News Initiative through the Covid-19 Vaccine Counter-Misinformation Open Fund.

In short, Google is worried about those who question the narrative according to which the vaccine is the only salvation of mankind, and is deploying all its power to systematically counter the enemy. Given that Google is the world’s leading search engine, this alone should give rise to some concern. Concern that should turn into apprehension when we learn that as of 2019 Google’s sister-company” (an emanation of the same company Alphabet), Verily, which deals with health, has a strategic alliance” with large pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer. Moreover, Verily is currently a partner of Pfizer and of the Duke Clinic Research Center in the study of the long-term safety of Covid vaccines.

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