It’s Time to Occupy the Churches

This past summer, just before the God of Surprises ordained it be revealed that Grindr users’ location data is accessible to the public, Pope Francis issued something unsurprising to traditional Catholics who didn’t have their heads in the sand – Traditionis Custodes. I’ve heard and read a lot of things along the lines of this: “Now is the time to show our bishops how obedient we are. We all need to write letters to them thanking them for allowing us to have the Old Mass these past several years.”

I was struck, however, when one commentator compared this to submission to an abusive father. Who would submit to abuse from such a wicked father, especially if your brothers and sisters were also suffering? What if your children were attacked by an abusive father? Would you sit by and try to grovel with such a man?

We have been beaten by our own father in the name of mercy and marginalized in the name of unity. Abusing his office, he has transgressed our rights to the ancient Mass – what our forefathers bled and died to pass down to us.

As a friend recently remarked to my wife and I, “Traditional liturgy is our birthright.” I refuse to beg and grovel for what rightly belongs to my brethren and me by inheritance, just as I don’t thank art museum curators for refraining from spray painting graffiti all over the Renaissance sculptures.

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