Bishop Strickland Challenges HHS Sec. Becerra’s Religious Liberty Changes: ‘Maybe We Should Send Him a Catechism’

Why aren’t other bishops publicly protesting the tyrannical anti-Catholic policies of the Biden administration?

Health and Human Services (HHS) Sec. Xavier Becerra, a self-described Catholic, might need to revisit his faith’s catechism, Bishop Joseph Strickland suggested on Wednesday.

Fox News asked Strickland, who oversees the diocese of Tyler, Texas, about Becerra’s department revoking waivers for faith-based child welfare groups and altering enforcement provisions for religious liberty.

“More brokenness from so[-]called Catholics,” Strickland told Fox News. He added that “maybe we should send him a Catechism.”

The catechism, which lays out doctrine for the Catholic faith, asserts that religious liberty is a “natural right” that “ought to be acknowledged in the juridical order of society in such a way that it constitutes a civil right.”

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TAKE ACTION: Contact your bishop and ask him to follow Bishop Strickland’s example in speaking-out against violations of our religious liberties.