Explosive Sexual Abuse Allegations Against New Orleans Archbishop

Explosive new allegations have surfaced against the archbishop of New Orleans, Louisiana alleging sex abuse.

Richard Windmann, president of Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse, reported Sunday that at least four individuals are accusing Abp. Gregory Aymond of abuse.

Two sources have spoken directly with Windmann about alleged abuse at the hands of the archbishop: “One who lived in Austin, Texas when Aymond was the bishop of Austin, and another who now lives in California, then a child, who claims the same abuse by Aymond.”

Additionally, another alleged victim, whose identity we have not been given permission to reveal, wrote:

Carl Davidson (his abuser priest), would take me to his apartment at Notre Dame [Seminary] to abuse me. But Father Greg, referring to [Gregory] Aymond, would stop us in the hall, and he would then “pleasure himself” before Davidson was allowed to enter the apartment at Notre Dame to molest me.

A fourth accuser claims young men visited Aymond in his bedroom, and his housekeeper had to “clean his sheets of semen.” The source also alleges a powerful secular figure was aware of the situation and asked that Aymond fire the housekeeper for knowing too much.

Aymond has made numerous inquiries of clergy in an attempt to discover the names of his accusers, with some calling it “a witch hunt.”

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