Priest Sidelined for Criticizing Pope’s Support of Gay Unions Pens Open Letter

Dear Father,
Dear Elders in the Catholic faith,
Dear Sisters and Brothers,

A. Why an open letter?

True love rhymes with sincerity and boldness… In an ancient tale, an Arab king asked one of his advisors what his subjects thought of him. The adviser replied: “Do you want me to tell you something nice or the truth?”

“The truth,” replied the king. “Well, if it is the truth, concede me a favor first.”

“What is that? I concede it to you.”

“Thank you my king, I just want a horse to ride away as soon as I tell you the truth.”

Should I be afraid to speak the truth to Pope Francis, the cardinals, and bishops? I do not think so, because they are our fathers in the Church and it is love for them and the Church that prompts me to write now about God’s truth concerning marriage, family, and sexuality.

B. Why is the truth important for the Catholic Church and for humanity?

Pope Francis and many bishops are used to calling for Church unity. They are right because our Church has no visible unity, which hinders her mission to evangelize the world. However, unity is precisely linked to truth. In addition, the first service of the papacy is the service of truth: the Pope is Vicar of Christ, God’s Eternal Truth. The “synodal Church” must be built on the rock of truth which are the words of Christ, because if the foundations are erroneous, the construction will be neither solid nor lasting: “Everyone who listens to these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock” (Matthew 7:24). However, since 2016, many signs compel us to say that our Church needs a synod on truth, half-truth, and situation ethics, before a synod on “synodality.”

C. Where is the truth about homosexual civil cohabitation laws?

1) What did Pope Francis say and do?

One year ago, on October 21, 2020, in the documentary “Francesco” by Evgeny Afineevsky, Pope Francis said: “What we have to do is a civil coexistence law; they have the right to be covered legally. I defended this.” Afineevsky took these three sentences from an interview of Pope Francis with a Mexican television channel (they were cut when this interview was made public in 2019, certainly because it was already known that it would not have been appreciated by the Catholic faithful). Pope Francis saw the documentary long before it was made public. On the day of the official screening, Afineevsky celebrated his 48th birthday in the Vatican with a cake, in the presence of Pope Francis, his friend, and posted the photos on his Instagram. The next day, Afineevsky (active homosexual and director in 2009 of a film promoting homosexuality, “Oy Vey! My son is gay!”) was congratulated and awarded in the Vatican gardens with the Kinéo Prize.

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