ONE MAD MOM: Bishops, I Want To See You Be BRAVE!

Dear Bishops,

We’re about to head into the Fall meeting of the USCCB. Most of us are thinking “Oh, joy.” since it’s usually a train wreck in the mind of those who pay attention to it. Quite honestly, though, most pew sitters don’t even know it’s happening.

Last spring, however, some of us actually got a dose of hope in the form of the Eucharistic Coherence debate. For once, it seemed faithful bishops actually cared about the Real Presence, their flocks, the lives of the unborn and stood up for something. Not only was it something, it was the Source and Summit of our Faith.

For once, the less than 25% of liberal but loud bishops who care more about their elite status than their flock, got a dose of reality. Can you please make this the norm?! Without Eucharistic coherence, the Catholic Church in the U. S. will continue down its doomed path. If you don’t stand up for the Faith because you’re worried you will be rejected, flogged by the media, or removed from your post, what really is the point? You will have failed to protect the Eucharist and, with that, the faithful at large. That’s everyone from the mom and dad struggling to survive this world and who are trying their best to keep their kids’ faith intact, to the already corrupted Nancy Pelosis and Joe Bidens of the world who do not have long to atone. I get the whole “Well, I can’t do anything if I’m not here to do it!” thought, but the reality is “With God, all things are possible!” And they are far more possible when you are in the faithful majority. Some days, it’s like you’ve forgotten this. This is the Battle of Lepanto for the Church in the U.S., and you need to decide if you’re going to trust Our Lord and Our Lady to win the victory for the Church or not. Our entire history shows that faithfulness, not calculations, wins in the end. Our Savior and all but one of his apostles were killed for Truth and we still go on because of it, not despite it. Shouldn’t the Eucharist be your hill to die on?!

We all know that Cardinal Cupich and club are planning to try to win the PR war next week on everything from tanking Eucharistic Coherence, to mandatory vaccines, to a unilateral implementation of Traditionis Custodes. That supposed “collegiality” goes right out the window. Let’s not pretend. They’ve told us this, repeatedly. They’ll do their usual dog and pony show, complete with accusations that anyone that disagrees with them disagrees with the Holy Father, and the liberal mainstream media and, much worse, the liberal catholic media (small “c” intentional) will parrot the narrative like good little soldiers. Unless you band together like you did earlier this year, they will indeed win and, quite frankly, we will end up as the Church in Germany – no faith, lost souls, and empty pews. That is completely the intent and you know they all have their matching soundbites ready to go. Unless you come out with a loud, faithful cry that the only people trying to cause a rupture in the Church in the U.S. is the Cupich contingent, they will succeed. Unless you stand up against their fallacies, their fallacies will win the day. You saw what a little dose of truth did to reduce Cardinal Cupich and Bishop McElroy to puddles of stammering messes earlier this year. They could not comprehend that someone actually spoke the truth and they simply had no answer to it than to run off to Rome and whine and manipulate, but let’s remember, even Cardinal Ladaria couldn’t help them.

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