Disgraced NAC Rector Stepping-Down

A statement by the Pontifical North American College (NAC) confirmed that the Rector, Father Peter Harman, will be stepping down after facing bombshell allegations in a major lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court.

The lawsuit alleges that Harman used his position as NAC rector to retaliate against seminarians and to cover up reports of sexual misconduct on the part of the former NAC vice-rector, Father Adam Park. The announcement of Harman’s departure also follows the filing of an affidavit by a highly-credentialed former Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) stating that he found allegations that Harman engaged in sexual acts at an orgy in the presence of seminarians to be “entirely credible.” The former FBI SAC affirmed that he reviewed descriptions of Harman’s alleged graphic anal contact with Omaha Archbishop George Lucas, as well as reported “dimensions and specific descriptions of Harman’s and other participants’ intimate body parts.”

Harman becomes the second NAC official in recent months to be recalled from his post after being named in explosive affidavits filed in the lawsuit.  Father Park abruptly relinquished his post this past summer after multiple allegations of sexual predation and misconduct were brought forward by a number of witnesses and victims.  The same lawsuit names New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who is alleged to have made himself complicit with Harman and Park in a plan to cover up sexual misconduct at the NAC.

While other prelates and their media lackeys implicated in the cover-up released statements whitewashing the circumstances surrounding Harman’s departure, they have yet to account for why they concealed numerous reports alleging that Harman abused his power by shielding an accused sexual predator while retaliating against seminarians. These same prelates and media outlets have also covered up the former FBI SAC’s findings regarding the sexual misconduct allegations against Harman and Lucas.

With the post of NAC Rector historically regarded as a stepping stone to the episcopacy, Harman’s unusual demotion fits the pattern of other U.S. seminary rectors, such as those in Buffalo, Boston, and other places, who were likewise removed after being exposed for perpetrating or covering up sexual misconduct against vulnerable seminarians.

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