Bemused Dallas Catholic Mom Reacts to Diocesan Vax Policies

I am compelled to respond to the Diocese of Dallas’ latest exercise in obfuscation to silence the unruly masses who challenge their dictates.

As Catholics, we prize education and champion the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty in all things. St. Thomas Aquinas taught us that science and reason can indeed be reconciled with truth. However, news from the Church continues to boggle the minds of truth seekers everywhere, this latest bit from our very own diocese.

In the latest efforts of the Diocese to weaponize charity so that parents will shut up and comply, the superintendent of Catholic schools sent out a slick and carefully worded
letter to justify the continued Covid-19 measures that are causing a raucous for the Diocese as of late.

Let’s look more carefully at the information shared in their letter to get a clearer picture of reality.

The statement from the Diocese that “weekly numbers are on par with the worst weeks that we saw at the beginning of January 2021…we almost saw more cases in this first month than we did in the entire fall semester of 2020” is a hyperbolic attempt to cause fear, when in actuality, the numbers show that for elementary schools, there were 165 new student cases for 25 schools from 8/2 – 9/12 (six weeks). That equals one new case per school per week…hardly a reason to hunker down.

And, the Diocese doesn’t waste an opportunity to shame the unvaccinated – all the cool kids are doing it! – and sensationalize the obvious when they say, “Most of our cases
are now among unvaccinated elementary school students.” Well, yes, that does indeed stand to reason since most of the students in the Diocese are elementary school students and the vaccine is not yet approved for elementary school students. Moving on, nothing to see here folks…

Finally, a false analogy comes in handy when they posit, “That data, coupled with much lower high school student cases (all of whom are eligible to be vaccinated) suggests that a high vaccination rate will allow us to offer more flexibility to highly vaccinated schools when community cases decline.”

Without the presentation of raw data, a logical person would assume that high school students have lower case rates because there are less high school students versus
elementary school students. Just sayin… A normalization of rates would be needed in order to do a real comparison…but, that’s tedious and doesn’t support their narrative, so we will just let that slide.

There is also an implied correlation between high school case numbers and vaccination rates, although no evidence is provided to support this statement. Again…tedious…not helpful…we get it!

The real truth that is painfully obvious to anyone who cares to do a modicum of research is that social distancing is arbitrary and ineffective, masks do more harm than good, and vaccines aren’t solving the problem…maybe the 36th booster will, but for now… they’re not working!

So, let’s step back and take a look at this…study after study shows that lockdowns, masks, and distancing don’t work despite the cognitive dissonance of the media, who incidentally is paid to sensationalize everything to keep their jobs. The vaccine is failing all over the world, even in countries like Israel, where 80% of the population are vaccinated and you can’t blame those pesky unvaccinated folks. The mortality rate for kids from Covid, despite Delta and Gamma and every other Greek variant out there, is well under 1%…so we aren’t worried about Susie or Sam dying…(we realize they could die, of course, just like they could die in a car accident on the way to school, but we aren’t giving up driving…yet…) ok, got it.

So, we are forcing kids to wear masks, avoid touching, and hide behind plastic shields because, what? They are going to hug their grandma? I don’t know about you, but when my kids are sick, I don’t have them go slobber all over my mom, as a general rule, or anyone else for that matter. I feel like all of us are responsible, compassionate parents that deserve some faith in our ability to do the obvious things to protect those around us…despite the fact that increasingly people in charge think they know how to do that for you and for me better than we do. Let us not forget about our inalienable rights as parents to decide what is best for our children, not the government or the Diocese of Dallas. But, I digress…

We know first-hand that most people in the Diocesan administration, as well as school administrations, are rolling their eyes about masks. Bishop Burns clearly doesn’t think they are necessary for him. Let’s face it, even docs who are totally behind the vaccine are now saying that masks are pointless, so it’s not just us stupid non-vaxxers… and, they are contributing to a worldwide waste pile that is not exactly environmentally friendly. The Vatican should not be pleased about this…where is Greta when we need her?

In seriousness though, there is a catastrophic problem with childhood depression, anxiety, fear, obesity, self-confidence, and the list goes on…all of these “lifesaving” Covid measures are actually killing people…and history will show that this was the greatest medical malfeasance of our lifetime… total medical theater… and countless lives will follow in its wake.
Thank you, Diocese of Dallas, for becoming the mouthpiece of woke America. But, for those of us Catholics who are actually paying attention to science, we’d love for you to grab your Summa and recognize that science must get back to being reasonable. Throw us a bone… please!

And because this one never gets old…

“The truth of our faith becomes a matter of ridicule among the infidels if any Catholic, not gifted with the necessary scientific learning, presents as dogma what scientific
scrutiny shows to be false.” Once again, Mic drop St. Thomas Aquinas