What Will Francis Say Now? “Vaccinated” Cardinal Dies from Covid-19

Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, 79, the former Archbishop of Caracas, Venezuela, died from Covid-19 on September 23.

Urtosa was admitted to intensive care at the end of August. La Cigüeña De La Torre (InfoVaticana.com, September 23) calls him “a remarkable cardinal although Francis didn’t like him.”

Francis sent Urosa into early retirement at 76, in stark contrast to his friends whom he keeps in office until they are almost 80.

On his flight from Bratislava to Rome, Francis, a Covid legalist, made fun of Cardinal Burke (“irony of fate”) calling him a “negationist” because Burke was not “vaccinated” and contracted Covid-19.

The question now is how Gossip Francis will explain the Covid death of a “vaccinated” cardinal.

From Gloria TV