Bishop Stowe Orders Unvaccinated Priests Not to Minister to Sick

Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, KY, has ordered priests under his authority to publicly announce if they are not vaccinated. Further, Bishop Stowe has forbidden unvaccinated priests to minister to the sick and the homebound.

A deacon at the Cathedral of Christ the King reported Bishop Stowe’s order at the end of Mass Sunday. “The bishop has asked that Fr. David and I … and Fr. John, I’m speaking for Fr. John, make an announcement that we are not vaccinated,” the deacon said from the pulpit just before the final blessing:

so people could decide if they want to attend Masses where we’re celebrating. And also, the priests, and this has been done throughout the diocese, those priests that are not vaccinated are to follow the COVID protocol in the Liturgy, and they are not allowed to visit the sick or elderly that are homebound. Fr. John and Fr. David, again, have not been vaccinated.

Bishop Stowe appears to have been present during the announcement, and was the celebrant of this particular Mass.

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