WATCH: An Opportunity for YOU to Make Reparation for Sinful Bishops

Mark your calendar for Friday, September 10 when the Coalition for Canceled Priests is hosting a Rally of Reparation in Chicago, IL from noon to 3:00p.m. The event will feature Fr. James Altman, Jesse Romero, Jason Jones and David Gray and will be lived streamed at for those who cannot attend in person.

Here’s an related update from One Mad Mom, one of the co-sponsors of this event:

When I read the comments by Fr. Brandt, after he gave the Eucharist to Lori Lightfoot, that Cardinal Cupich tapped him at the last minute and said he was “going to sit this one out”, I didn’t find it shocking at all.  It’s one of the hallmarks of his episcopacy. I fully expect Father Brandt will have to put out some sort of retraction, because Cardinal Cupich is a tyrannical narcissist and persecuting his priests and seminarians is LITERALLY the only skill at which he excels. Upholding Catholicism? Not so much. I have no idea why they chose him to be the darling of Chicago other than, maybe, because he doesn’t look like he’s one heartbeat away from a stroke and he’s got a full head of hair. And, of course, his utter willingness to sideline his priests and seminarians who don’t bow to his every whim. Whatever the reason, Rome should be embarrassed by the appointment of someone who’s embraced being the leading elitist cleric in the United States.

So, why do I believe this?  Well, just look at some of the highlights of his episcopacy, shall we?

  • When Cardinal Cupich was bishop of Rapid City, he wanted some of his faithful to sit it out of Easter Triduum liturgies. He literally had the doors of a church locked. Why? Probably because that church was packed and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help? Not so much. That just wouldn’t do.
  • When Cardinal Cupich became bishop of Spokane, he chose to sit it out when he was told there were abusers in the Bea House on the Gonzaga campus who were supposed to be under lock and key but ended up running all over the campus. Oh, BTW, he never passed along that information (nor did the rest of the Jesuits there) to Bishop Daly. The Jesuits and Bishop Cupich also neglected to tell the president of Gonzaga.
  • Also in Spokane, he told his priests and seminarians to sit it out for he 40 Days for tLife Campaign. Can you imagine? Barring your priests from PRAYING in front of the gates of hell? Maybe, if the then Bishop and now Cardinal Cupich had ever bothered to do one truly pro-life act in his episcopacy, he would know that a priest in front of an abortion clinic makes it much, much harder for a woman to go through with abortion. Those of us who actually care about babies in the womb and, you know, try to stop murder of the most vulnerable know that. Of course, he wouldn’t.
  • He definitely chose to sit it out when it came to McCarrick. Again, this homeschool mom from California heard all about McCarrick before he was FINALLY busted. And, yes, McCarrick did pull the strings to get Cupich the red hat, probably because of the unique way Cardinal Cupich oppresses his priests and seminarians. It was kind of necessary in McCarrick’s abuse. Sorry, you don’t go from Spokane to Chicago without some serious help. Cardinal Cupich said ““It’s not as though I just fell out of the sky.” but, yeah, he did. And you really don’t serve as Chairman of the USCCB Committee on the Protection for Children and Young People without hearing the rumblings. Again, homeschool mom from California. And, by then, then-Bishop Cupich had already turned a blind eye to abusing priests in Spokane.
  • He chose to sit it out at a Christmas gathering at his mansion when someone asked him when we were going to get women priests (thankfully somebody there was shocked enough about his answer to catch it on video). Uh, this is a no-brainer. John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have all said that can never happen, but Cardinal Cupich has trouble getting the truth out of his mouth? Of course he does, because he won’t say anything that might offend his base. I believe that puts him in “Catholic hack” territory.
  • And just a little over a week ago, Cardinal Cupich chose to sit it out and allow a sacrilege of the Most Holy Eucharist, by allowing Lori Lightfoot, a non-Catholic, active homosexual to consume Our Lord’s Body and Blood. I’m sure he’ll come out with, “We’re all sinners”, which will be just another Pontius Pilate moment for him, but this is not the first time Cardinal Cupich has allowed the sacrilege of the Eucharist in Chicago. He himself gave the Eucharist to NON-CATHOLIC, then-mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner just a few short months after walking in the door at Cardinal George’s funeral of all places.

I am sure there are other examples but you get the drift.

The only time the guy doesn’t sit it out is when he makes a fool of himself as he did when he relegated abuse victims to the same status as he has of the unborn and the Eucharist – NOT IMPORTANT. Then? Then he’ll  mandate his priests read a lie from every pulpit in the diocese saying he was taken out of context.  So, in short, he had them read a lie.

Sorry Rome. He is a narcissistic, elitist fool. He the very definition of “clerical” and the faithful will make reparation for his moral and spiritual offenses and sacrilege on September 10th in Chicago.  That is what the faithful are called to do by Our Lady, and so we shall. Jesse Romero does an excellent job of explaining why you should too. We need to make reparation because of Cardinal Cupich and for him.

“O Jesus, it is for the love of Thee, in reparation for the offences committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and for the conversion of poor sinners.”