Vatican Source Says Pope Plans to Implement Intercommunion

This is very big news if true. Italian journalist Marco Tosatti reports that sources at the Vatican are telling him that the pope is now pushing for intercommunion:

Dear friends and enemies . . . , a friend from inside the Vatican Walls tells us – and naturally the news still needs to be verified – that the reigning Pontiff wants to return to concerning himself with Intercommunion, that is, making it possible for the faithful of other non-Catholic Christian confessions to participate in the Eucharist.

This, of course, is impossible. The teachings of the Church do not allow non-Catholics to receive Holy Communion. Only Catholics in a state of grace may do so. And so, yet again, Francis is leading the Church into heresy, apostasy, and schism, depending on how the dominoes fall. But,obviously, this is so ONLY IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE.

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