South Dakota Bishops Support Conscientious, Religious Exemptions from COVID Vaccine Mandates

In response to questions from Catholics about COVID-19 vaccine mandates being imposed by employers or other authorities, the bishops of South Dakota said this week that Catholics whose well-formed consciences tell them not to receive a vaccine should be free to seek a religious exemption from any vaccine mandate.

The bishops called the decision to accept or reject a vaccine “intimate and personal.”

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“[A] Catholic may, after consideration of relevant information and moral principles, discern it to be right or wrong to receive one of the available Covid-19 vaccines,” Bishops Donald DeGrood of Sioux Falls and Peter Muhich of Rapid City said in a statement Aug. 10.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact your bishop and respectfully ask him to follow the lead of the South Dakota and Colorado bishops in supporting COVID vaccine religious exemptions for Catholics.