Yet Another Example of Homo-Hearsay Hypocrisy

Bishop Callahan did not hesitate to remove the priestly faculties of Fr. James Altman, but has been reluctant to do so for disgraced Monsignor Burrill.

Elapsed time since Monsignor Burrill’s homosexual misconduct was exposed and Bishop Callahan failure to remove his priestly faculties

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) general secretary, Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill, resigned last week just hours before a media report was published alleging that he had “engaged in serial sexual misconduct.”

The alleged covert homosexual activity by Burrill is especially troubling because of his powerful position at the USCCB directing diocesan and conference responses to clerical sexual scandals.

October 2017 – From left to right: Msgr Brian Bransfield, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Pope Francis, Archbishop Jose Gomez and Msgr Jeffrey Burrill

Burrill is a priest of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin as is Fr. James Altman who has attained hero status among pro-life Catholics after his “You Can’t be a Catholic and a Democrat” video landed him on the national stage last fall.

Altman has acquired a huge following around the U.S. as Catholics, frustrated with the hierarchy’s refusal to uphold Church law and deny abortion-activist politicians Holy Communion in accordance with canon 915, have encountered his clear preaching.

As Altman’s fame has grown, his outspokenness has landed him in hot water with his superior, La Crosse Bishop William P. Callahan, who removed Altman as pastor of St. James the Less parish and suspended his priestly faculties earlier this month.

“I am not surprised that the hierarchy boldly continues to try to cancel a voice of Truth,” Altman told LifeSiteNews. “As [the] bishop stated publicly, I speak the undeniable Truth. Unfortunately for the corrupt hierarchy, I will not be silenced by any arbitrary Decree, nor will I be cowed by any action against my priestly faculties. The Truth will not be silenced.”

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Internal memo from Bishop Callahan to all priests in the Diocese of LaCrosse.



TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Callahan at 608-788-7700 or at and let him know how you feel about him removing Fr. Altman’s faculties while failing to do the same for Monsignor Burrill.