Write a Letter Highlighting the Fruits of Fr. Altman’s Ministry

TAKE ACTION: Write a letter in support of Fr. Altman and send it to:
Fr. James Altman
St. James the Less Catholic Church
1032 Caledonia St.
La Crosse, WI 54603

Here’s an example letter to published in the La Crosse Tribune:

Fr. Altman spoke truth with clarity and charity. Let’s review the fruits of his ministry which Bishop Callahan did not publicly share:

1) His parish added 50 new families during COVID while other parishes lost parishioners. His small parish increase was remarkable!

2) He increased fundraising at his parish and restored aspects of the church. Doubled the bishop’s appeal collection at the parish.

3) While others across the nation closed their churches and ceased giving sacraments, Fr. Altman provided Holy Communion on the tongue some 70,000 times, caring for the souls of countless people who came. He provided Jesus Christ when so many felt abandoned during COVID when suicides, alcoholism, drug use & depression skyrocketed.

4) Fr. Altman’s homilies and videos inspired Catholics across the nation and worldwide during shutdowns. Many people came back to the faith and some even became Catholic as a result of his preaching. Many Protestants commended him for speaking up for Life and upholding God, marriage, and country. Ineffective? Hardly!

5) Fr. Altman’s parishioners could drop by anytime to see him. Try to see your parish priest without an appointment. In business, his customer service would be called extraordinary!

6) On top of all this, Fr. Altman also cared for his aged parents in their 90s in his rectory. The priest Gave, Gave, Gave to all. Now he and his parents are forced to find new housing because a bishop–that should have been a good spiritual father to his priest–wouldn’t stand up to Cancel Culture.

Richard Bray
Renton, WA