WATCH: USCCB Has No Intention Of Denying Communion To Pro-Abort Politicians


As we reported on our Evening News two nights ago, Church Militant is in receipt of leaked documents from the USCCB that reveal there will be nothing done or said about pro-abort child killers receiving Holy Communion. Likewise, it is stated explicitly in the letter that the press is not to share these documents. Too late on that score.

Bishops, you need to realize there are many close to you who simply reject your cowering and evil but who live in too much fear of you all to confront you about it. But we have now reached a point in the life of the Church (in the United States certainly, if not the world) where faithful priests can no longer withhold the truth out of fear of being sacked by their bishop.

Church Militant reports on these stories nonstop because, frankly, they happen nonstop. Truth costs. And declaring the truth almost always comes with a cost. The more direct the truth, the higher the cost. Just ask St. John the Baptist.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact your Bishop to express your disgust with the deceptive tactics of the USCCB