Archbishop Wester: No Jab, No Singing, No Communion Distribution

New Mexico’s Archbishop ordered in new “liturgical restriction” guidelines released yesterday that only vaccinated people can sing in church choirs and only priests or laity who have been vaccinated can distribute Holy Communion on the tongue.

“Singing is allowed by choirs only, whose members are to all have been fully vaccinated,” state the Archdiocese of Santa Fe’s May 19 guidelines that were promulgated by Archbishop John C. Wester.

Regarding Communion on the tongue, the guidelines state that Catholics may receive Communion in this way as long as the “distributing minister is fully vaccinated.” Another stipulation for Communion on the tongue is that the “distributing minister sanitizes his/her hands prior to and immediately after distribution.”

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Archbishop Wester and let him know what you think of his policy.

Archbishop John C. Wester
Archbishop of Santa Fe
4000 St. Joseph’s Pl. NW, Albuquerque NM  87120-1741