Fr. James Martin Set To Speak To School Children On Welcoming Homosexuality In Cardinal Dolan’s Archdiocese

Jesuit Priest, James Martin, is once again advocating for homosexuality to be welcomed within Catholic school. This ‘priest’ is poised to speak on ‘welcoming LGBTQ’ at the NY Ursuline School, An independent Catholic college preparatory school for girls which hosts children as young as 11 years old.

James Martin recently compared George Floyd, a man who’s entire life was defined by horrendous acts such as armed robbery, excessive drug use and a career in pornographic films, to Jesus Christ. The questionable death of George Floyd was followed by months of rioting which resulted in dozens of deaths and billions of dollars worth of property damages.

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TAKE ACTION: Call Cardinal Dolan at 212-371-1000 and send an email asking him to forbid Fr. Martin from presenting homosexual indoctrination to schoolchildren in his Archdiocese.

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