Report: Vatican Investing Money In Morning-After Pill Company

The successful transmission Report conducted by Sigfrido Ranucci and broadcast on the third channel of national television returns to deal with the Vatican and discovers what is perhaps one of the most paradoxical investments in the recent history of the Church.

APSA, the’ body of the Holy See in charge of its economic asset management, would invest the money of the Vatican in a pharmaceutical company that produces the morning after pill . In the episode that will air this evening, Report returns to deal with Vatican affairs. From the detailed investigation by the journalist Giorgio Mottola it emerged that a large part of the Vatican’s money was used to finance a company that produces the so-called “morning after pill”.

Speaking to Report’s microphones is Libero Milone , the Vatican’s general auditor from 2015 to 2017 (later pushed to resign). Speaking of the APSA, Milone refers to ” disorganized accounting situations ” and investments of a “risky” nature , that is, which “did not respond to the social doctrine of the Church which listed exactly the things they could do and not do”.

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