Catholic Priests Who Have Maskless Moms Arrested Are Tyrants, Not Heroes

Pastors who bully parishioners over masks appear to have forgotten the soul-saving mission of the church, and are instead tyrannizing those they should serve.

Despite Texas Gov. Greg Abbot’s repeal of the state mask mandate, a pregnant Catholic mother was kicked out of Mass in the Diocese of Dallas for failing to wear a mask.

Father Milton Ryan, pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic Parish, is alleged to have called the police while the service was underway and have the young mother threatened with arrest for trespass. Deidre Hairston returned to her pew after receiving communion, with her one-year-old baby in her arms, to find three police officers waiting for her.

One officer threatened to put her in handcuffs if she did not comply with their request to leave the premises, repeatedly insisting that the church was a “business” and that the pastor had a right to refuse her entry. In response to the incident, the Diocese of Dallas issued a lame statement, clarifying that while the bishop has not mandated masks, individual parishes are permitted to make their own rules.

It’s a disturbing development indeed when Catholic churches are now imposing more stringent restrictions on Americans’ God-given and constitutionally enshrined right to worship than government. How has Christ’s church, whose long list of sainted martyrs boasts among its ranks illustrious names like Peter, Paul, Thomas Becket, and Maximilian Kolbe, produced the officious bullies who are now charged with shepherding Our Lord’s flock?

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TAKE ACTION: CLICK HERE to contact Fr. Milton Ryan, pastor of Holy Trinity parish and Bishop Edward Burns, Bishop of Dallas, and CHARITABLY ask that they both issue a PUBLIC apology to Deirdre Hairstona who was forcibly removed from Mass by the police.

We are also including a letter that you can print and mail to Bishop Burns.