No Jab, No Jesus?

In his Sunday bulletin this week, Fr. Michael Haney, pastor of the National Shrine of the Cross in the Woods in Indian River, Michigan, is proposing his parishioners will need to get a COVID inoculation (its not a vaccine) before partaking of the sacraments at his parish.

Requiring the vaccine would allow everyone to participate equally in worship and sacraments.What is more, the central Christian requirement of loving one’s neighbor supports the moral basis for churches requiring COVID vaccines. Churchgoers have a moral responsibility to protect one another from harm. Receiving the vaccine is an act of love and charity toward one’s neighbor.

Get that? You and I have a “moral responsibility” to inject ourselves with an unproven, abortion-tainted drug that is causing sever side effects in some patients.  You can read the whole column in the church bulletin.

Fr. Haney would do well to familiarize himself with some of the following stories before mandating the inoculation for his parishioners:

It seems this is not Fr. Haney’s first brush with controversy.  The website Gaylord Diocese Watch has documented a number of questionable practices by Haney, including illicit baptisms, banning the prayer to St. Michael and referring parishioners to heretical priests.

Those wishing to express their concerns about Haney’s latest action can contact him at or at 231-238-8973 x313.