Standing-Up to the LGBT Anti-Bullying Bullies

“Bullies” are the modern-day boogeymen. Lurking around every corner ready to pounce on their prey, they live to inflict psychological harm on their victims. They demand blind obedience to their views, eliminating anyone who opposes their reign. Bullies apparently dominate our school yards, workplaces, and of course social media. According to the mainstream narrative, within each of us hides an inner-bully just looking for an opportunity to emerge.

Ironically the supposed anti-bullying activists have now become the biggest bullies on the block. While making lofty declarations against close-mindedness, harassment, and contempt, they themselves work quickly to shut down any opposition to their views—resorting of course to such things as harassment and contempt. Naturally the first step is to tag anyone who disagrees with them as—you guessed it—bullies. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable among LGBT anti-bullying activists.

The latest example of this can be found in a statement against “LGBT bullying” signed by eight Catholic bishops and called “God Is On Your Side.” The signatories include both Cardinal Joseph Tobin (Newark and of “Nighty-Night, Baby” fame) and Archbishop John Wester (Sante Fe) and is sponsored by the Tyler Clementi Foundation through their “True Faith Doesn’t Bully” campaign. And yes, to the surprise of no one, promoter-of-all-things-LGBT Fr. James Martin, SJ was instrumental in obtaining the signatures of these bishops.

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