Georgetown Panel Sees ‘Tremendous Overlap’ Between Joe Biden and Vatican

Panelists at Jesuit-run Georgetown University converged Friday in the common belief that a Biden administration will see eye-to-eye on many issues with the Vatican of Pope Francis.

“There’s great opportunity for overlap there,” said the director of Georgetown’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, Shaun Casey, in an online webinar, “And I really do think the Vatican wants to get down to business and I am confident that our new president-to-be — the Roman Catholic Joe Biden — is eager to find ways to collaborate together.”

“There’s reason for great hope and great progress here despite the fact that he is a pro-life [sic] Catholic,” Mr. Casey said in reference to Biden with an evident slip of the tongue. “That will never be transcended in the relationship. It’s just a fact and there’s going to be noise and there will be implications of that over the length of Biden’s term.”

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