Scalfari: Francis’ Goal Is One World Religion

Eugenio Scalfari: the Pope has no enemies because he is a Jesuit. “For Francis, God is unique and not Christian, there is only one world religion.”

In a recent interview, Eugenio Scalfari, the founder of La Repubblica newspaper and a close associate of Pope Francis, stated that Pope Francis has often told him about the conflicts he wanted to end between Catholics and Protestants.  Scalfari added that the Pope went far beyond this challenge, stating that he also deals with non-Christian religions, those existing throughout the Asian continent, from Russia beyond the Urals, to India, China, Japan and Australia. In short, the activity of encounter between the Christian world and the “non” world is the dearest thing Pope Francis would have in his Magisterium.  According to Scalfari: “Francis maintains that God is unique and not simply Christian. God is God and has no absurd territoriality.”