Bishop Strickland Schools Bishop Barron on the Truths of the Faith

Bishop Robert Barron recently penned an article about the election which added more confusion than clarity to Catholic voters seeking direction from their bishops. Barron’s column left us feeling that a Catholic could vote for either presidential candidate by weighing the issues that are most important to them.

Thank God Bishop Joseph Strickland saw fit to help Bishop Barron by issuing the following Tweet in which he clearly states that “Both Parties are FLAWED but the Democratic Party not only supports abortion but ADVOCATES for it & supports the Planned Parenthood industry built on selling parts of unborn children for scientific research, this tips the scales.”

Strickland rightly differentiates abortion as the preeminent issue for Catholics because it is an “intrinsic evil” which can never be supported by Catholic voters. Thank you Bishop Strickland for adding clarity in charity to Bishop Barron’s message.

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