Bishop Strickland Stands With Bishop Daly in Admonishing Bishop McElroy

Today Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas issued a tweet in which he says he stands with Bishop Daly’s admonishment of Bishop McEloy’s for his poor advice to Catholic voters.

Strickland says that “Biden supports abortion up to & beyond birth thus he supports an intrinsically evil act. Legislating evil is evil.”


STEP 1: Contact Bishop McElroy and demand that he issue a correction regarding his erroneous statement about abortion.

Bishop Robert W. McElroy
Bishop of San Diego
P.O. Box 85728, San Diego CA 92186-5728
click link below to contact the bishop

STEP 2: Contact your bishop and ask him to respond to Archbishop Viganò’s challenge to U.S. Bishops to speak-out on abortion.