WATCH: Lay Catholics Confront Biden’s Bishop Over His Silence

Bishop Francis Malooly is the Bishop of Wilmington, Delaware, the diocese in which Joe Biden resides. Malooly has remained silent for YEARS as Biden has supported the intrinsic evils of abortion and same-sex ‘marriage.’ Other Catholic clerics have publicly voiced their concerns about Joe Biden’s support for these issues, but not Bishop Malooly, who is a registered Democrat.  Malooly’s failure to publicly speak-out makes him complicit in Joe Biden’s sins.


TAKE ACTION: Joe Biden’s public sins require a public response by Bishop Malooly.  Email Bishop Malooly or call him at 302.573.3100 and demand that he PUBLICLY condemn Joe Biden’s positions on abortion and same-sex ‘marriage.’  Tell him to follow the lead of Cardinal Raymond Burke in PUBLICLY stating Joe Biden is NOT a Catholic in good standing and should NOT present himself for Holy Communion.