Becciu’s Ousting May Be Just the Tip of the Iceberg

We cannot help but believe Angelo Becciu has been made to be the fall guy for a much larger financial scandal in the Vatican.

Last week we learned that one of Pope Francis’ most trusted advisors, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, had been ousted by the Pope for his alleged mishandling of Peter’s Pence funds.  Since late last year, Complicit Clergy has building a Vatican financial network diagram in an effort to understand the complex web of organizations and individuals.  It was clear from this work that Becciu was certainly a central figure in Vatican finances, but certainly not the only individual pulling the strings.  We hope that by making this work public, we can help expose additional corruption at the Vatican.  We would welcome public comments and corrections regarding our work.  Please contact us here if you have additional insights you would like to share.

Explore Our Interactive Vatican Financial Network Map