After Bishop Knelt To Black Lives Matter, A Vandal Decapitated A Statue Of Jesus In His Church

Bishops must take a stand, not a knee, and unanimously condemn the attacks against Christianity, and the Marxist, anti-Catholic vitriol that Black Lives Matter has been relying on to foment this seething hatred.

In a perverse irony, a statue of our Lord was decapitated last week at St. Patrick Cathedral in El Paso, Texas, the diocese whose bishop made headlines in June for a photo op kneeling with a Black Lives Matter sign. Bishop Mark J. Seitz’s public support for a Marxist organization that has fueled a summer of terror, violence, and destruction is shameful. He may have been rewarded by an enthusiastic call from Pope Francis, but the alliance the bishop forged was an unholy one, and he is now witnessing the fruits of that perverse union.

It is the same bitter lesson that feckless mayors such as Ted Wheeler of Portland must learn: Contrived obsequiousness and self-flagellation don’t heal racial and social tensions and won’t appease the mob. That capitulation simply spurs and emboldens lawless degenerates to the point they descend upon your home.

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